Traditional songs became popular when they lost spirit.

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the song of the goat theatre

Established in 1996

Our History

‪Song of the Goat Theatre ( is a multi-award winning company, which has developed an international reputation as one of Europe’s most innovative training-based theatre companies. ‪A distinctive element of the company’s practice and training is the need and search for connection and openeness as the root of authentic experience. The work always seeks to integrate movement, voice, song and text, creating a performance that has an inherent musicality and connects with the audience on a sensory level.

Acting Coordination Method

An original practice based on the integration of all the acting tools into one common and organic unity of highest quality. Co-ordination consists of the organic linking together and integration of voice, text, energy, imagination and movement within the individual as well as with a partner and the whole group. We explore the flow between song and word, rhythm and gesture, sound and character.

Tragedy born from the Spirit of Music

Ancient Greeks believed that the word is the energetic equivalent of the object, that there is no difference between sound and what it signifies. Music therefore represents a hidden territory. Music is the core of tragedy as it is only music that can provoke a catharsis. It is universal, and it is the most objective of all the arts. It has no material form such as the human experience of loss, despair and pain and has no material form.

Anthropology of Acting

This technique is rooted in an understanding that true acting is born from a particular way of being. Every culture has their own way of performing, but what is common to most of them is a belief that every aspect of performing begins from the “performative center” which can be understood as personal cohesive, integrated way of being. From this point of view , acting is a way of imitating and conjuring spiritual realms.

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  • Here’s method in these madness!

    — Hamish Handerson —
  • Such a one am I grieving for a splendid strong sapling The hunter of the deer in the high mountains The grey seal at the seas edge

    — Mhic Iarla nam Bratach Bana —
  • As I glanced over my shoulder I saw nobles coming, powder-flasks on their hips, guns on their shoulders.

    — Early day I set out —
  • When the sea rose up on mountains, Up about the masts in masses, The skipper would go below And he’d leave the wheel to Fiollaigean

    — Fiollaigean —
  • Remember the death of the heroes Who defended this country at Arnhem Remember the death of the heroes.

    — Lament for Arnhem —
  • I did not give my love so freely to you that I can not withhold it It can be forgotten and set as far apart as west is from east

    Mheal Thu Mheall
  • Thou who didst shape the worlds, keep me from going mad, keep me from losing my reason- and let me not endure more.

    The Thide agam
  • Return to me my love, oh return oh return Return to me my love from the land of the foreigners If not I’ll hasten to the grave to the grave

    Return to me my love


Alicja Bral - Company's Producer

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Song of the Goat Theatre